Simone Denny - Music Divas for me are women who exemplify an immense talent to the world.

My next interview that i made for you, is with a wonderful artist - Simone Denny. For many of you known from dance project Love Inc. And i hope you're enjoying reading.

Simone was Love inc your first dance project ?
B.K.S was my 1st project in the Dance genre. The 1st track I recorded with them was Dreamcatcher. It earned a nomination for a Canadian Juno Award.

How did you meet Love inc team ?

At that time I used to do a lot of session work. One of the sessions I did was for an A&R  of one of the record companies and he referred me to Greg Kavanagh ( The K in B.K.S) I knew their music but I had never sung dance music before.  Dreamcatcher was my 1st Vocal session in Dance Music. 
The rest is history.It lead to me become the main vocalist for one of Canada's major dance acts ahead of its time. I was featured on a few other B.K.S hits and toured Canada with them. From there I went on to be the vocalist for Love Inc.

Everyone are saying that, the dance music genre is not the genre who can express feelings, but you are the one who prove that were wrong, in Homeless  and Why Don't You Take me, can you tell us what is the story behind that those tracks ?
I'd have to disagree with anyone who thinks dance music is not an expressive genre. It's very expressive. It creates expansive emotions through lyrics and music. I love the positive lyrics, the  high energy and the climatic dramatic drops. For me, dance music is letting yourself be free to unite with others. Its a also a very artistic and creative genre. Homeless was a hopeful track to bring awareness to the problem in the inner-city streets. Anyone world wide in any major city has seen it at some point. Why Don't You Take Me was a remake that we like and wanted to bring back.

What do you of this called "divas" (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian) who are taken the headlines of newspapers leaving behind the real artists ? Are those the nowadays models ?

Music Divas for me are women who exemplify exceptional strength, confidence, immense talent to the world. For example, Tina Turner. She exudes such determination a woman who surpassed and defeated all odds  in both personal and professional circumstances.
 As for women like Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian they are Divas in their own right. They are not music Divas but their foundation is of a business background. Both those ladies are business women they have created a  reality TV phenomenon. I don't believe they have left behind "real artists" they satisfy their fans and niche of the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry covers a wide scope. It includes Music, sports ,fashion,art and reality TV. Lots of variety and room for everyone.

Isn't the fault of the press that are promoting this kind of people ?

The press always has a way of sometimes manipulating the artist or entertainer, in fact whatever story they can dig into and it creates a bigger story along the way, the better for the media. But, its not the press who promotes them, its their team, entourage, and themselves. The media just projects them in their own manner, so it doesn't necessarily represent who they really are.

What genre of music defines Simone Denny as an artist ?
 Growing up in Toronto my parents played 50's, 60's music and  70's 80's RnB /Soul & Disco. My vocal teacher was an opera singer and a Broadway Diva. I've sung in an American gospel musical, I was a  the vocalist in a Juno winning hip hop/RnB group for a  period of time, progressed to dance music in which thus far have captured the most worldwide success. Opened for Gwar with a Canadian Metal band called Damn 13. I've done a little of everything! My new project with Stereo Dynamite is more defined as retro Soul. I am really excited about it! It taps into so many sides of me musically. If I must define myself  Simone Denny is as a soulful artist who loves any genre my voice lends itself to and is always open to all music.

Europe market is more receptive to dance music then US?
I do agree. Europe had always been far more receptive to dance music. Dance music in the forms of trance, house, progressive house dominated Europe, and with the lights of David Guetta, Calvin Harris who partnered with people like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland. They were able to incorporate dance into commercial main stream to bring the genre back and more dominant in the US market. For us in Canada, Deadmau5 dominated our charts with his eclectic dance sound where he brought a new element of dance this past decade.

You collaborate with many dance projects among the years which one was your favorite and why ?

 I would have to say my most favorable was to work with people like the multi talented Mc Flipside who is a complete pleasure to work with, a house dj/producer/rapper/songwriter who exhibits such humility. Its all about the music with him. Andy Reid and Cory Bradshaw  amazing! Phenomenal collaborations with the both of them, they are also the nicest guys and have such passion and drive for the music. Cory  Bradshaw aka James Bradshaw  knows my voice inside out. I've recoded with him for years and he always brings out the best in me. I have so much fun recording with Cory. I would have to say "You're a Superstar' was my all time favorite track to sing. Such a positive message and and all around feel good song. No matter where I travel its always a pleasure to perform it!

How was 2013 for Simone Denny ?
 It was a fabulous year! Collaborating with Adam Sewell and Justin  Allen McWilliams from Stereo Dynamyte has been an incredible experience for me.

Tell me a little bit of your project ?

This project  is one that will feed the soul on another level. Still powerful and still soulful still full of passion as I do with all of my other projects. My inspiration of of course the soul music greats and icons. The song has been receiving great reviews and we are super excited to release the full album.

Who wrote the tracks and why you choose that style ?

 Adam Sewell and Justin Allen McWilliams wrote the 1st single. We are currently recording and writing the rest of the album. I've known Adam for years. When he called and explained the concept of the project  and asked if I'd be interested in being a part of it I said yes as it tapped right into a style that I grew up singing.

 A message for our readers

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