Sabrina, Alexia, Niki Haris

Sabrina Salerno was invited Saturday March 28 at Verssimo show on Canale 5.
Sabrina talk about her career she said : i’m not proud of the things i did then but i was a young girl without experince. In the 80’s televisions promoted the people for the look not for what they are... “ said Sabrina.
Also told about her father who change her life and made the women of today... with goods and bads...
Sabrina told that was not pregnant .... because the italian press wrote about that subject .."I love to have a baby but not now" said Sabrina
Right now Sabrina is preparing a new video ... the name is unkown yet ...Info by Tavi Meran

Alexia was invited on Q che show from Rai 2 were she spoke about the story of Biancaneve ( Snowhite with this song Alexia participate at Sanremo 2009 and arrived on the final ).
Right now Alexia is on tour in Europe to promote her english album Alexia &Co .
Get ready Europe Queen of Eurodance is back with greet new tracks ...
Info by Tavi Meran

Niki Haris ( Snap!) lunched her single in collaboration Perry Twins, the track is called "Bad, bad boy" and can be found and buy it from here

Info by Tavi Meran

Fusion Radio Suck Why ? look at this pics

Their answer here

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