Verona team mad on czech tabloids

Verona team aka Peter and Margareta were mad when they sow the promo article of their new single "Falling in love" posted on czech online tabloid - super.
The team post an official news about that incident on their FB account:

  Looks like crap are you known with the term of tabloid "vyhýbáme srágorám"!? I think not! So I'll tell you ... Because it says - just crap, and when I have to write something" normal !?
You're not even able to find out our names or other artists and you are a tabloid!?
 I understand that it is sometimes good to do some promo (BTW, this is not our work), but when I do so, i will do somewhere where it's worth it and where it can be at least a little work on it. Well, am I right?said Verona..

 Ok guys it's better that your names is there even is bad or good 'cause like you said it's  free promo :)