Loreen: "After Eurovision contest I retreat to the woods a few days"

Invited this morning on romanian radio Kiss Fm, Loreen confess that after the Eurovision song contest she retired to the wood a few days
"After Eurovision Yeah i retreat a few days  no phone no write, you didn"t speak, you didn't look anybody in the eye ...  did anything else then meditate"

Asked if the Baku contest change her life the singer said : "a lot is crazy to hear your song  played all cross Europe"

The singer confess also that she didn't like to sing Mariah Carey songs and she is not scared if her success will last just one year:
"I will still do music and singing it's what i love ....and i hope not"

Loreen is in Romania to promote her album "Heal " and the new single "My heart is refusing me", and this year she won Best Swedish Act at Mtv Music Awards.