Antique reunion

Helena Paparizou, recently announce on her account that this summer , has a big surprise.  Invited on 90s festival in Sweden, Helena will join forces with Nikos Panagiotidis to recreate her 1st music project - Antique.

Antique was Helena's first international project, with . them release hitsongs such as: "Opa opa" , "Dinata Dinata", "Se thelo", "I 'll die for you"  

Luciana join forces with Moguai

The electro queen - Luciana join forces with german producer - Moguai. Faith is the new single, done with the german producer , and it seems that will shake the hearts until it bleeds . 
This single has more meaning because was release on the big week of orthodox Easter.
Faith can be found on all digital megastores more infos here

Alexandra Ungureanu impressed by a video

Alexandra Ungureanu from romanian project CRUSH was impressed by a fan whit a video made for their latest single "Children inside us". 

Wow, i was so touched... i cried when i see it, it's exactly what we felt when we wrote this track...
Let's smile nicely to past and to wait with trust the future... best Alexandra Ungureanu

Janice Robinson actress !?

The lead singer of italo house project Livin' Joy gave an interview to Raw Real Being, were she shared some real thoughts about the music industry nowdays  and why she disappear from dance scene.
Also she revealed that she will be part on  big project but this time in a musical more infos here 


ASAP !? Hmmm this summer it's a new trend of this reggaeton influence in all music, and it seems that even Mike Candys didn't want to loose this "latin wind"  and he put it in the new single "ASAP" made with a latin singer named  Ane. The preview single already gather 10.000 views on his FB profile. My question will be the next summer hit i really don't know 'cause to be honest lately, Mike disappoint me with his latest tracks and not including anymore Evelyn in "his game".
Yes i know, he is a producer and dj and he tries new thinks like "Tesla" but quality and good music started with the 1st voice... Anyway ASAP is gonna to be release in couple of days and i let you to decide if it's a hit or shit.    Preview here