Bellini is back!

The 90s were not 90s without Bellini. The German project formed in 97 by the "Bellini brothers" are back with the old singer Dandara Santos-Silva who performed for the group the mega hit "Samba di Janero".
The big news was posted by the band on their official instagram account.
Interesting the fact, is that the name of the project was gave after the former Brazilian national football team's captain Hilderaldo Bellini, who first brought his team to world champion in 1958. And Bellini was born, the "new project" can be see on 90s events across Germany.

Yass a new video

The singer of Alex C project Yasmin aka Yass, shared on social network a news about, her next video. The singer right now is shooting the video for the Alex C single "Heaven". The single was included on Alec Christensen 2nd album "Classic 90s Dance vol. 2" among another classics like "Another Night", "Around The world" , "Freed from desire" ,"Mr. Vain" more infos here

Fantasy new single from Gyrlie

If you follow me on Facebook, you already saw the announce about Lydia's Pockaj new release. The news was not fake like other think, and love to steal others work without mention them, i will reveal that the news is 100% true,  ex  studio singer of E-Rotic, and Missing Heart is gonna to release soon, another masterpiece entitled - Fantasy. 

We are currently finalizing the mixes. Planing one radio and two remix versions. Release date will be confirmed soon. The song is about trust, love and fantasy in a relationship. It is very melodic but with a hot dance beat. Said Gyrlie

Raquel Gomez - Aspect the unexpected

Raquel Gomez “is the voice” of many eurodance projects starting with Public Art, Two Heads, Intermission, Candy, Hysterie and closing with the biggest ones Garcia and C-Block. For sure can be called one of the legend of eurodance. 
 Who is Raquel Gomez ? 
A female singer passionate about music. 

What is music ? 
Music is the language that everybody understands

 Has Raquel Gomez “Sangre Cliente”? 
 ‘Sangre caliente !? :-) I have a spanish temper, if that's what you mean :-)  

How did you start your music career ? 
I started singing in a band, loved to be on stage...the next step was to record on studios, and writing songs.

 Among the 90s period you borrow your voice, to so many projects, there is one in particular that you’ve been close, or dearest to you ?
I loved my first single "River" from Public Art and it was huge for me to work for Thorsten Fenslau on the top of his career releasing the Nr.1 Hit "Mr. Vain". I also enjoyed singing for the project "Two heads" the song called " Do you really want my love",  "Jam and Spoon" on Stella 99, but also writing in spanish and singing for "Garcia" was a lot of fun. :-)  

 Germany was one of the country who gave so many great projects to eurodance scene, and some that I keep in mind, and is dearest to me is Garcia, what can you tell me about this project ? 
I loved to write and sing for this project, because it was in spanish and english and I loved the positive vibe. It was a lot of fun writing with Rod (Fun Factory) and singing.  

 Another project that you’ve been involved was C-Block, “So Strung out” was a huge hit, and you continue the collaboration with them on their album General Population (for “My life” and “Everything’s good”). Did you believe in “So strong out” ?
I believed, that it was a great song, but I didn't expect it to be such a huge success...:-) I was overwhelmed, when I heard, that it sold more than 250.000 records..:-)  

 Why you didn’t appeared in the video “So Strung Out” from C-Block? 
After singing " So strung out" I went to Toronto for two months. Meanwhile the song climbed the charts...! Being so far away the videoclip was made without me..! It was fate! After this Hit I worked in several projects and enjoyed the diversity of the songs...I learned a lot working with different people in different studios. I guess that I was still looking for the right project for me.  

 Who wrote those songs? (“So strung out”, “My life” and “Everything’s good”)
 I should google it...;-) One of the rappers I guess :-) 

Didn’t bother you, been behind of this projects ?
 On one side yes, on the other side no. There were so many other things to do...:-) 

 Are you thinking to comeback as Garcia ?
 Never say never ;-) 

 Viva Germany have been a promoter of German Dance Music, comparing the 90’s period, and nowadays is harder to get in top, now ? 
Everything changed...nobody buys records anymore and the record companies are replaced by the internet…! 

You are one of the legends of eurodance scene among : Kim Sanders, Alexandra Prince, Trixi Delgado , Balca Tösun, Samira Besic, Terri B! Are you thinking to collaborate with one of them, if is so, with whom ? 
Thanks for calling me " one of the legends of Eurodance".  I just love singing :-)  At the moment there is nothing planned, but life is full of surprises..;-)

 What we can aspect from now on, from your part ?
 Aspect the unexpected :-) 

 A message for eurodance fans ? 
Thanks for being there :-)

 Special thanks to
Raquel Gomez  

Anita Doth she was hit once again ..

The half of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth is fighting once again with breast cancer. The news was shared by the singer on her instagram profile:

I Am fighting again. Just like so many others in the world. Just send us power, love and light and keep us in your prayers and meditations. That would mean the world to me and my kids. I am grateful for my family and friends support its so hard for them also. Especially mum and dad I can't imagine their pain. And I am grateful for the medical staff @olvgamsterdam. Just know that I am in my strenght. So I am wearing my smile like armour BAM. And to end on a positive note.... the chemotherapy is effective.. Anita Doth

Musically Anita Doth, recently release a new song you can read here
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Thanks to Karine Sanche