Sex favoritism for fame..

                                            Source: nbcnews
You are familiar, I think, with the mega scandal of hollywood producer,  and actresses are coming out with their stories....about the incidents, anyway not only in movie industry happen this kind of stuff, everywhere. The wolf dressed in sheep are attracting innocent  girls, who are looking fame, some are beware of this .... doing compromise just for 5 minutes of fame  others are rapped and they hidden cause are ashamed and others are killing them self.
But i am angry ... cause i see now girls after they were famous coming out over the incidents ... just to  get attention to press, cause now are in shadow.. why not to share your story exactly when event happen like Alexandra Stan did   in 2013 ?
Why now... how many of singers are sleeping with the producers ... just for a 5 minutes,  and they have no idea what note song it is ? And real voices are hidden behind of this prostitutes, cause let's face it they are ...  , in the race of achieving success is more easy... to choose  sex then hard work !
My message is addressed to smart ones choose the voice and not the face... cause not every time  the face is the voice...
And to keep your mind busy I will post this film about. Korean music industry   

Thea Austin not a Snap ! member anymore

Thea Austin is not allowed anymore to perform as Snap!, the news was shared by the singer on her personal FB. :

  Greetings FB family and friends. Peace, love and blessings to all. Note: I have recently been informed that I am no longer permitted to perform as SNAP, due to trademark law. I have to respect the law. I can no longer book performances as SNAP. Anyone wishing to book me has to adhere to this information and book me as Thea Austin or other creative ways to help the agents and audiences understand the shift. Please change the language in your advertisement of my performances as a potential law suit could come my way. If anyone has suggestions, please submit. Lovingly yours ~ Thea 
The hole incident started when the producers found out that Thea is performing without permission .

Penny Ford the original singer of the project came with this statement: The law says you CANNOT use it in ANY form... It is intellectual property and as Thea worked on a project for SNAP... she was never considered a member..... sorry..

Fans already took Thea Austin part, and said that is a revenge between the singers.

Dance music is not my thing ... anymore

Oana lead singer of romanian project Genius, just recently confess that she won't comeback on dance.

Please understand my roots are not dance music, and I won't do dance even I will get more money... is not my thing. said Oana

 Oana, Ovi, and Cesar formed in 97 the first romanian eurodance project called Genius, their first album entitled Genius like the band, was sold all the units becoming instantly a romanian dance sensation, and their success can be compared at that time with 2Unlimited , after this came out Co 2 also a hit in sales, and in 1999 the last album in this formula entitled TNT also a success with many awards.
 A year later Cesar came with Oana and other vocalist Amanda with a new material 2000 but was not a huge success, and not received very well by fans.

 Cesar now took a different road IT, and the only who is still doing music was Oana who release in 2013 a single with romanian star Gabriel Cotabita entitled Empty bed.

Liza Da Costa upset on Hotel Bossa Nova video director

Liza Da Costa ex Captain Jack, posted yesterday on her personal account that she is really upset on the team who suppose to promote, and shoot a video for Hotel BossaNova, the video director refused to release the video because in his opinion is his creation.
 Liza Da Costa for those who don't know who she is... I will make a short biography her dance career started in 94 when she team up with Harris sister for Security project, but international success was with Udo Niebergall and Richard Witte project - Captain Jack. But in 97 she decided to take a different road, and later she formed the actual project - Hotel BossaNova.

Lydia Pockaj ex ERotic and Missing Heart bullied by a fan

Lyane Leigh (E-Rotic, SEX Appeal ) fans are attacking Laydee Records page. 
Recently Lydia Pockaj ex studio vocalist of E-Rotic, and Missing Heart (1999 - 2004) shared on official page Laydee Records a message where is saying that some "fan" is bullying her over Youtube and Facebook exactly when her new project Gyrlie was released:
"Dear all, it is strange to announce but it looks like we have our first Gyrlie HATER (e.g. on and YouTube) which is a sign of a certain attention  BUT, let´s banish this person back to his little profile. Please help us with your constructive reviews and comments. If you like our music, we would love to get your positive feedback, if you do not like, we hope for your very constructive comment.
@ All HATER: Please do not hate just for fun! It is NOT supporting your fav artist but any connection with this kind of behaviour can cause a bad reputation and harm the image of your fav artist.
Please make love and NOT war! Thanxxx ❤️๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ
All started when Lydia Pockaj announced at the beginning of this year that is coming to music.
Contacted by Eurodanceblog Lydia confirmed her comeback, and also that she had no intention to collaborate with Bros Music , and is not coming as ERotic or Missing Heart. 
"I am concentrated over my new dance project Gyrlie , i know that people will recognise my voice. I am an artist and i love music and i will continue to do it.
Also i am gonna to release with my other project Laydee some songs in the near future.
And i am planing to release a german project, so a lot of stuff to do, and i am not gonna disappear just because 'some don't like what i do.
" Said the singer

Lyane Leigh lead singer of E-Rotic and SEX Appeal public apologise for the misunderstanding and for what that person did:
"I read your blog about the hater for Lydia's release. I must say that I am really upset about the person, and it was never my intention, and is NOT in my name whatever he writes. I already wrote Lydia that I dissociate myself from him, and excuse me for his behaviour. I already wrote to that "fan" also saying that I will not accept such things. But i think it will not have much effort since this person has "some problems", and I already wrote him in the past to stop this behaviour.
Eurodance artist should work together, and not against each other. So i really have no intention to talk bad about Lydia. I even propose to her to collaborate for my next eurodance compilation.
" said the artist Registered & Protected