Scooter in Jimmy Fallon show

Mista came back

Penny Ford involved in a voluntary work

                                                    Source: Penny Ford  Facebook
Lead singer of Snap! Penny Ford was involved in a project called Internationales Kinderhaus in Frankfurt. Penny was known as the kinder lover and confirmed immediately the invitation of Kinderhaus.

Attended a dedication for the Internationales Kinderhaus here in Frankfurt... Great time with the kids for a great cause in Frankfurt. Americans Represent!!! Big shout out to Kerry Reddington for the invite...

Penny Ford will attend also the invitation of  the biggest eurodance event  I love the 90s - The Party together with Jacky from Culture Beat and Astroline  more infos here

Mike Candys feat Evelyn Again

On Evelyn's official page was posted a news about a her comeback in Mike Candys project.  Evelyn is a Swiss singer that was known after the hits :Togheter Again , One night in Ibiza, and 2012. The collaboration with Mike stopped because she wanted to go on her own, but Mike was still behind the tracks that she released. 
The tittle of the new track is unknown yet... but soon will be shout it out on Evelyn's page. Till then be Together Again..:) 

Big reunion from Sylver

                                          Source: MNM
The belgian radio station, prepared for their listeners a surprise. On the morning show  they invited John Miles Jr., Silvy De Bie and Wout van Dessel the members of Sylver to perform together one of their hits. And the miracle happen, the band had intention  to release some new stuff  as Sylver.

The word is out ! Sylver is back for the BIG REUNION ! Follow us on our official instagram page SylverMusic Hope to see you there !! The Big Kick Off starts March 26th in Sportpaleis Antwerp !! wrote Sil on Instagram

Sylver is belgian euro trance project who made their debut in 2000 with Turn The Tide, Skin , and mega success Forgiven.  The album that this tracks were extracted it's called Chances with lot of success in Germany but also in other countrys. The band release 5 albums and 2 best of albums but in 2012 after their last release City of angels decided to take a break till now...